Red Circles around Eyes, How to Get Rid of Red Rings around...

Red Circles around Eyes, How to Get Rid of Red Rings around Eyes

Red circles around eyes make you look sleepy, tired and ages older than you actually are. Eyes contour the face and red peri orbital circles can easily be spotted. Appearance may vary depending on skin tone from dark red, brownish purplish or dark blue. This is why red eye circles may be classified under dark under eye circles. Red rings around the eyes are equally found in men and women. While they usually occur in adults, children can also have them. Below is more info on causes are how you to get rid of red circles around eyes naturally with home remedies.

Depending on the cause, red circles around eyes may be accompanied with pain or swelling . While there are things you can do at home to reduce pain, swelling and get rid of this dark patches, it is advisable to see an ophthalmologist if there is increasing pain or redness.

Red circles around eyes
Demo photo: Red circles or rings around eyes

What causes red circles around eyes? Allergic shiners, drugs, contact lenses and drugs

What causes red circles around eyes? Sometimes called peri- orbital circles or allergic shiners , red circles around eyes can have many causes. Most of the times it is assumed that it is from lack of sleep or a night of heavy drinking. Despite these assumptions, these are not the only causes. While there are many causes of red circles around eyes, this problem is rarely associated with serious conditions or systemic infections.

According to , the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and the most fragile on the entire face and must all the time be treated with utmost care.

Here are common causes of dark circles under eyes

  • Allergies: hay fever, nasal congestion and sinus problems.
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Topical dermatitis
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Broken capillaries
  • Skin pigmentation abnormalities
  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Aging
  • Hormones and pregnancy
  • Wiping and rubbing
  • Dehydration causing dry eyes
  • Side effect from certain drugs
  • Lifestyle- excessive smoking and drinking
  • Minor trauma or irritation from contact lenses
  • Sleep deprivation

Red Rings and Red Circles around Eyes in children and adults/elderly

Why does my child have red circles around eyes? Red rings and dark red circles on skin under eyes in children are commonly due to allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma. Red circles around eyes can also be referred to as allergic shiners or raccoon eyes. Depending on what time they occur, you should be able to tell the offending allergen that is causing your red circles on the skin around eyes of your child.

Red circles in the elderly and children are quite common
Red circles in the elderly and children are quite common

According to, when there is nasal congestion which is common in allergies, the surrounding capillaries become restricted reducing blood flow to the eyes which gives a darker appearance. The skin under the eyes can also thin exposing blood vessels producing a dark discoloration. Red rings and discoloration in toddlers and young infants should never be overlooked. They may be due to accidental or non- accidental abuse or trauma with superficial or deep hemorrhage.

What causes dark red circles around the eyes in adults? Aging and dehydration are common culprits for red rings on the skin around the eyes in the elderly. It may also be due to allergies and systemic conditions such as heart or thyroid diseases.

How to get rid of red circles around eyes fast, overnight, naturally

Depending on the cause, it is usually very easy to get rid of red eye circles- in fact, most of the times, the discoloration will disappear in a few days.  But before we go through the things you can do to treat red eye rings, it is important to note that, where applicable, eliminating the cause is usually the best intervention. Here is how to get rid of red circles around eyes naturally and fast.

Red circles under eyes
Inflammation-like rings under eyes.

Always Wear Sunscreen

The skin surrounding the eyes is very thin and fragile and it is prone to sun induced discoloration and skin damage. You should always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather. The sunscreen lotion or cream should be at least SPF 30. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. Remember that pigmentation around the eyes get worse with age. Wear sunglasses even in short durations of sun exposure. Do not take any chances!

Do not rub your eyes

Friction caused by constant rubbing of the eyes can cause the skin under the eyes to appear red which may darken with time. It is advisable to use your index finger when applying makeup as it is the weakest. This will reduce the pressure and friction exerted on the eyes.

Avoid Dehydration

Taking sufficient amounts of water goes a long way in helping with surface hydration of the body. Skin dehydration can be really pronounced on the skin under the eyes. Drink enough unflavored, uncolored water., recommends that, you should take water equal to half of your weight in ounces. Take more water for every dehydrating beverage, medication and cigarette.

Change your sleeping habits

Sleep on your back and elevate your head with one or two pillows. When you lie down flat, fluids can build up under your eyes causing swelling which casts a dark shadow on the eyes. Sleep at least seven uninterrupted hours a night to get rid of red circles overnight. It will minimize physical stress and peri orbital puffiness.

Remove makeup to bed

Make it a habit to remove all makeup before going to sleep. Anything that has chemicals can cause irritation which can leave the eyes with red discoloration and swollen. Clean the area under the eyes gently with non- irritating cleansers. Be careful when using topical creams such as those used to treat acne. They may have components that can cause irritation and itching.

Other tips to prevent and reduce red eye circles and rings

  • Take a balanced diet ; include lots of green leafy vegetables fruits and vitamins in your diet. Include whole grains and iron supplements as well.
  • There are various other factors that cause fluid retention such impaired liver or kidney functions. An excessive intake of salt is also known to cause fluid retention.
  • Take proper medication for allergies and try to make your environment allergen free.
  • Try relaxing exercises such as yoga to help you relax. Walking or jogging will stimulate a sufficient blood supply throughout the body and the face reducing discoloration and swelling.
  • Learn how to balance emotional stress.

How to Get Rid of Red Eye Circles Fast With Makeup

  1. Use heavily pigmented concealer; a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.
  2. Apply concealer first as close to the nose bridge as you can and take it all up to the rim of the eye as you blend.
  3. Run a little bit of foundation on top and blend the two together to have a flawless look
  4. If you have any redness of blue hues on the lid, use a little bit concealer across the lid and blend it up with warmed fingertips

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Red Rings around Eyes in Men

Since guys don’t usually wear makeup to conceal flaws such as red eye circles, natural adjustments to life are use of cold therapy are just some of the things that will work just fine for men.


Cucumbers are known for their cooling, soothing and refreshing effect on skin. They can help fix red circles around eyes fast.

Chill fresh cucumber slices in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and place them on the eyes for a few minutes. Rinse with water. Do this twice daily until the redness disappears.

Tea Bags for Red Eye Circles

Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that can get rid of red eye circles and puffiness by shrinking blood vessels and reducing fluid retention. The tannins in tea reduce red discoloration.

Chill green or black tea bags in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and place them on the affected area for about 10 minutes. Remove the tea bags and rinse your face. Do this once or twice daily until the redness is gone.

Red Ring around Iris of Eye

Eye developing a red ring around iris
Eye developing a red ring around iris

Red ring around the iris of the eye is usually a side effect of wearing contact lenses which are ill fitting or torn. It can also be a reaction to the contact lens itself or the cleaning solution. If you do not wear contact lens and develop a red rind around the iris of the eye, it may be secondary to bacteria or viral conjunctivitis. Corneal ulcer or iritis are rather uncommon causes.

You should consider seeing your ophthalmologist for a better diagnosis and treatment. Be sure to carry your contacts and contact lens cleaner as well.

Note that if the red circles around your eyes is genetic, it may a little difficult to get rid of the discoloration. You can choose to use makeup to conceal the redness or go for permanent cosmetic solutions such as eye fillers or surgery. If the redness around your eyes is long standing even after using the remedies described above, you should consult with your physician to rule out chronic illnesses and other systemic conditions.

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