Vitamins for Eye Floaters, Can Vitamins Help with Eye Floaters?

Are there ways to get rid of eye floaters? Can vitamins help with eye floaters? Floaters are harmless and part of the natural aging process especially for those who are close sighted. They are rarely a cause of concern. However, at times they can be so annoying to warrant intervention. While there is no cure for eye floaters, there are some things you can do to improve the condition and reduce the intensity and number of occurrences. The use of vitamins and supplements as discussed below is one of the common interventions.

Vitamins for eyes floaters treatment, do they work?

According to Allaboutvision, eye floaters are tiny spots or flecks (cobweb-like) that drift aimlessly around the field of your vision. These appear when tiny pieces of eye’s gel like vitreous detaches from the inner part of the eye.

What vitamins get rid of eye floaters
What vitamins get rid of eye floaters

The vitreous usually has a gel like consistency but as people age, it begins to dissolve and liquefy. These tiny flecks take different shapes and sizes and are more pronounced when one looks at bright lights such as a white paper.

What are the symptoms of eye floaters? It is not exactly possible to see the tiny pieces of vitreous floating in your eye- all you will be able to see are shadows. Floaters cast shadows on the retina as light goes through the eye. The floaters do not stay still and seem to disappear when your try to focus on them. They may appear as:

  • Threadlike strands
  • Cobwebs
  • Ring shaped
  • Black or gray dots
  • Wriggly lines

How long do eye floaters last? Eye floaters that result from detached collagen fibers of the retina last a lifetime and may not be as important once retinal tears have been ruled out. However, if eye floaters are from inflammation they can go away with treatment. It is always best to see an ophthalmologist for better diagnosis.

While they may take months or years, the brain learns to ignore them and you may only notice them once in a while. People are different. While one person may consider one floater too much others may have gotten used to several or many. What is more important is the sequence and intensity.

Best Vitamins for Eye Floaters

Can vitamins help eye floaters? Vitamins and supplements are the most common treatments that have been effectively used to reduce the number and intensity of eye floaters. While this is not yet clinically proven, eye floater vitamins are believed to work by strengthening the retina and vitreous.

Most eye vitamins for floaters have strong anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent them from causing any damage to the eye and reduce the risk of developing new floaters in eyes.

It is however very important to note that, not all antioxidants are effective when it comes to eye health. The two most effective antioxidants for eye floaters and other eye conditions are lutein and zeaxanthin . Here is how to improve eye floaters with vitamins:

Vitamin C to Dissolve Eye Floaters

Vitamin C is one very important vitamin for a strong healthy immune system. It has been shown to enhance the repair of a protein found in the eye responsible for maintaining the proper shape of the vitreous humor.

Fruits such as these are rich in vitamin C, a good supplement for eye floaters
Fruits such as these are rich in vitamin C, a good supplement for eye floaters

It supports the building of collagen which makes the capillaries the supply the retina stronger for proper nourishment of the eye. Vitamin C is also a strong antioxidant which neutralize free radicals that are responsible for aging and faster degeneration of the components of the eye.

Foods rich in vitamin C include: papaya, guava, parsley, garlic, raspberries, broccoli and cauliflower. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin C for adults is 120mg.

Vitamin A for Eye Health, Floaters

Vitamin A is one of the antioxidants that play a very important role in vision and a strong immune system. Beta carotene is one of the most prevalent and effective forms of vitamin A.

Intake of vitamin A has been shown to prevent and treat many eye related conditions such as macular degeneration. According to , vitamin A keeps the vitreous humor in shape which helps to prevent and treat eye floaters.

Vitamin E and Eye Floaters

Vitamin E is another potent antioxidant that is very essential for eye health. It exists in different forms- Alpha-tocopherol is the best for eye health. Vitamin E protects parts of the eye that are susceptible for to oxidative damage. Along with other nutrients, vitamin E reduces the risk of age related eye conditions such as macular degeneration.

While there is not exact link between vitamin E and eye floaters, the anti-oxidative effect is believed to prevent eye floaters since they are also age related. The RDI is 22.5IU. Foods with vitamin E include nuts, cereal and sunflower seeds.

Note : vitamin E is a blood thinner that should not be taken without consulting your doctor especially if you are on taking blood thinning medications. It may increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

Vitamin D to Reduce Eye Floaters

Vitamins for eye floaters
Sources of vitamin D for treating eye floaters naturally

Vitamin D is commonly known for its benefits in bone health. For several years now, there have been countless studies on how vitamin D can help with various aging conditions including eye aging. According to Life Extension Update of , vitamin D rejuvenates aging eyes.

This is according to a study done on older mice by the Institute Of Ophthalmology at the University of London. It was found that vitamin D has lots of benefits for eye health such as improved vision, reduction in retinal inflammation and prevention of eye inflammation.

Taurine for Eye Floaters and flashes

Taurine is a nutrient that acts as a natural cure for eye floaters and flashes. It is an essential amino acid that maintains the function of the retina. Taurine also helps to remove waste materials. Toxins and impurities from the eyes.

Since this nutrient is not synthesized by the human body, it must be obtained from food sources or supplements.  It is richly found in protein rich foods such as muscle meat.

Bilberry Extract for Eye Floaters, supplements

Bilberry is a dietary supplement and not a vitamin that has long been used for better eye health. Legend has it that the British warplane pilots bombed enemies with more precision with increased night vision during the World War 2 after eating bilberry jam for tea. While this is yet to be proven, scientists have linked this to the abundance of chemical compounds with powerful antioxidant and inflammatory properties.

Anthocynosides (flavonoid compounds) found in bilberry improve circulation in blood vessels of the eye, maintain the integrity of the capillaries, stabilize collagen and correct the signs of retinal damage. This will effectively prevent retinal tears and breakdown of vitreous which will prevent eye floaters. You can easily buy bilberry extracts from your local drug store.

Other things you can do to improve eye circulation and get rid of eye floaters include:

  • Getting adequate rest
  • Rolling the eyes
  • Eye relaxation and massages
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Finally :

People often learn to live with eye floaters and ignore them. They may be less noticeable for a long. Making treatment options unnecessary. However, at times eye floaters may be a sign of a serious condition. It is recommended that you consult your eye doctor immediately if you notice a sudden increase in the number of eye floaters especially if you are getting eye flashes, floaters with peripheral loss of vision.

If not treated, it can cause permanent loss of vision. Serious conditions that may cause eye floaters include: retinal detachment, bleeding within the eye and retinal tear.

While floaters are mostly found in the vitreous fluid, it is important to not overlook other common but simpler causes of eye floaters. You may be having foreign debris in vitreous tear. Many people especially those prone to allergies, blepharitis and sty can have an accumulation of mucous, makeup and other small materials within their vitreous tears. It may be a little hard telling the two apart. Floaters due to debris move when you blink whereas those from vitreous tears disappear when you try to focus on them or move the eye.

Note : If there is a sudden appearance of multiple floaters, it could be assign of posterior vitreous detachment which is the separation of vitreous from the retina. Posterior vitreous detachment usually takes place by the age of 70. It may however occur early especially in short sighted people, diabetics and those that have undergone cataract or laser surgery. It may also be due to trauma. Consult a doctor immediately!

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  1. Our bodies produce taurine, please get your facts straight. If we didn’t, we’d be carnivores, which don’t make their own taurine, which is why they have to eat the flesh of other animals. We are not carnivores, and we produce our own taurine.

  2. Can a direct impact against a glass door with metal handle(ie,direct hit between left eye and side of nose resulting in excessive bleeding through nose)give floaters in left eye only?

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