10 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced primarily by the testicles. It is often linked to the epitome of manhood. This however does not mean it has no use in women. It also has a number of important uses in women. It plays a key role most importantly in male sexuality and reproduction such as muscle mass and hair growth.

Can you boost testosterone levels naturally?

The truth is that you can boost the level of your testosterone hormone in your body. However, the best way to have this done is to start by checking on your daily habits. Some of the changes that are very essential for your overall body health could similarly provide benefits that help to maintain healthy levels of this hormone.

A testosterone shortage could cost you your life. The likely effects include those of losing muscle mass , bone density , and your sex drive .

There is a new research that shows that testosterone deficiency can increase your risk of prostate cancer, heart disease, and even death.

10 foods that boost testosterone

In order to produce testosterone, your body requires several different nutrients. Among the nutrients more often depleted are vitamin d3 and zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral that is naturally present in some foods. Deficiencies can result in a wide range of symptoms because zinc is involved in a number of significant body processes.

The various foods important for this function are outlined below:

1. Coconut

Testosterone boosting foods - coconut
Testosterone boosting foods – coconut.

Your body needs healthy saturated fats in order to produce most hormones, testosterone being part of them.

On its part, coconut will help your body’s ability to produce cholesterol, necessary for optimal health, help reduce body fat and maintain your weight. This is so because weight control is another natural way of improving your testosterone production.

2. Garlic

Garlic for boosting testosterone levels naturally
Garlic for boosting testosterone levels naturally.

In as much as this fragrant herb does not contain the necessary nutrients to produce testosterone, it has allicin, a compound that lowers the levels of cortisol in your body. With your cortisol levels lowered, your body can more effectively and efficiently use the testosterone that is produced.

3. Coffee

Coffee boosts testosterone levels
Coffee boosts testosterone levels.

This beverage gives you the caffeine which stimulates the nervous system and jolts you up, while also boosting camp levels, leading to increased testosterone production.

Apart from that, coffee can also increase cortisol levels (which is a stress hormone notorious for lowering testosterone). However, it is important to understand that the cortisol boost from caffeine is very short in duration, not like the t suppressing long-term (usually stress-related) cortisol elevation.

4. Ginger


It has been shown that it contains the active ingredient, gingerol, which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent in the body. Apart from that, several animal studies have identified ginger as an androgenic compound. Similarly one Iraqian human study noted a 17% increase in testosterone levels after ginger supplementation.

5. Eggs


These animal products are a nutrition powerhouse and great for testosterone production. Eggs are considered as “the perfect protein” simply because they contain an almost perfect balance of amino acids for human needs.

Apart from that, eggs are also highly nutritious, containing nearly all of the recognized vitamins (with the exception of vitamin c). Similarly, they also have good fatty-acid ratios for testosterone production. 38% saturated fats, 44% monounsaturated fats, and only 18% polyunsaturated fats.

6. Yogurt

There are a number of studies that have put forward suggestions that pre-biotics and probiotics have a number of living enzymes and other types of human friendly bacteria that could impact you positively in testosterone production.

Other studies have pointed out that gut exposure to healthy microorganisms can lead to elevated rates of testosterone hormone production. There is a study that pointed out the pre-biotic clostridium scindens as being able to convert the stress hormone cortisol into androgens inside the gut.

7. Blue cheese

Just like yogurt, blue cheese has a number of human friendly bacteria and living enzymes that can help to enhance production of testosterone. Apart from that, it has large amounts of testosterone boosting saturated fats and certain testosterone boosting fat soluble vitamins like K2.

8. Avocados

They are rich in testosterone friendly vitamins: B6 and folic acid.

9. Wild salmon

They not only contain high levels of magnesium, vitamin b and omega 3 for healthy testosterone production, but also lower the levels off the sex hormone binding globulin that is known to oppose the production of testosterone.

10. Watermelon


According to scientists at Texas University, watermelons have an amino acid called citrulline that can be converted to arginine in the body. In the long run, there is boosted blood flow and hence increased levels of testosterone from production sites.

Other ways of increasing testosterone fast

Hormone therapy: Very low testosterone level by itself does not mean that you need treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy can have side effects, and the long-term risks and benefits are not entirely known. This therapy is prescribed only for men with symptoms of low testosterone and blood levels that confirm this as the cause of symptoms should consider testosterone replacement. See website where you can find this therapy.

There are various forms in which testosterone can be administered to the body. Some of them include:

  1. Skin patch (also called transdermal): androderm is a skin patch worn on the arm or upper body. It is applied once a day.
  2. Gels : androgel and testim are sold in packets of clear testosterone gel. Testosterone is absorbed directly through the skin when you apply the gel once a day. Androgel, axiron, and fortesta also come in a pump that delivers the amount of testosterone prescribed by your doctor. Natesto is a gel applied inside the nose.
  3. Mouth patch: striant is a tablet that sticks to the upper gums above the incisor, the tooth just to the right or left of the two front teeth. Applied twice a day, it continuously releases testosterone into the blood through the oral tissues.
  4. Injections and implants : testosterone can also be injected directly into the muscles, or implanted as pellets in the soft tissues. Your body slowly absorbs the testosterone into the bloodstream.

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