How to Get White Teeth Naturally, Safely, Fast, and Instantly with Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

A normal smile is among the things people tend to notice. When it is bright and flawless, it is an indication of good health, beauty and vigor. However, where teeth are stained smiling can be limited if you are self-conscious. In the recent past, cosmetic dentistry has risen up where there are many products for use to whiten teeth. These though are costly. There however are many ways on how to get white teeth naturally and using home remedies for whiter teeth. These home remedies for teeth whitening will turn yellow teeth to white if used consistently. We explore them below.

How to Get White Teeth Naturally

I want white teeth, what should I do to help me with this at home? This is a situation a number of people who want to change their yellow teeth to white get themselves in. The use of natural means to bleach teeth is gentle and safe enough. Below are some effective methods on how to get white teeth naturally.

before and after natural teeth whitening
Natural teeth whitening before and after

How to Whiten Teeth with Baking Soda

Does baking soda whiten teeth? This question is quite common among people looking forward to better looking teeth.

The product contains abrasive elements that are mild enough for safe use in the mouth. It gently scrubs any stains on the teeth leaving them whiter and brighter. Its alkaline nature also helps in balancing the pH and thus help rid the mouth off acidity which has negative effects on the enamel.

Although baking soda effectively gets rid of stains on the teeth, it may not get rid of some deep set stains on the teeth. There are various ways through which to use baking soda for teeth whitening.

  1. Use it together with your regular toothpaste when brushing teeth.
  2. Mix the bicarbonate of soda with some water to make a thick paste. Use this to brush your teeth.
  3. Instead of water, you could also mix it with peroxide and use it in the same way.

Whitening Teeth without Baking Soda

Although using baking soda is one of the highly recommended method on how to get white teeth naturally and which has proved to be effective, it is also known to be abrasive. This makes it inappropriate for people with sensitive teeth already.

As such, it is recommended that people with sensitive teeth stay away from it and opt for remedies that do not include it. In case of recipes that include it, try and see if the other ingredients can work with its exception.

Apple Cider Vinegar White Teeth Home Remedy

Although using apple cider vinegar will not yield instant results, its regular use over time will see you with whiter teeth. Apple cider vinegar is a healthy organic remedy which can help to restore brightness on teeth and can be used in a number of ways.

  1. Combine one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water. Use the solution to swish around for around two minutes. Repeat this daily. You can also use it as a mouth rinse after your regular oral care.
  2. You can also combine one part of baking soda with two parts of vinegar. Use this to brush your teeth.

Banana Rinds White Teeth Remedy

Another effective way on how to get white teeth naturally is using banana rinds. This remedy is easy to use. Banana peels have minerals that get absorbed into the teeth giving them a great look. Applying it for the purpose of teeth whitening is easy. Simply get a ripe banana and rub the inner part of the peel on your teeth for two minutes twice each day.

Straw Berries

These can be used for teeth bleaching as they contain malic acid which is also contained in some whitening tooth paste brands. It also contains fibers that act as organic cleaning solution by eliminating micro-organisms present in the oral cavity and on the teeth.

  1. Chop the berry into halves and use it to brush your teeth.
  2. You could also mash it up and use the resulting paste to brush your teeth for a minute.
  3. Soon after using the straw berry on teeth, use toothpaste to brush your teeth to avoid causing them harm.
  4. Use some plain water to rinse off your mouth

Coconut Oil for White Teeth

According to, coconut oil contains lauric acid. This is an agent that helps in breaking down bacteria responsible for the yellowing of teeth.

Coconut oil pulling for whitening teeth
Coconut oil for white teeth

Oil pulling does not only whiten teeth but also strengthens them.Oils are safe for use on a daily basis and there are no limitations on amount which helps go a long way in getting rid any yellow tint on teeth.

  1. to get white teeth naturally, use a clean piece of cloth and soak it in the oil.
  2. Use this to rub your teeth and repeat procedure each day until desired results are achieved.

Citrus Fruits

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of citrus fruits for whiter teeth. Some people though swear by them. Lemons and oranges help in generation of additional saliva. Saliva serves as a great natural teeth cleanser.

Lemons are known to contain natural elements that will help in lightening your teeth. This remedy though should not be used more than twice each week as it could be corrosive.

  1. Since lemon juice is acidic, mix it with an equal amount of water to dilute it and use it on your teeth. Repeat this twice times each week.
  2. Rub the inner side of orange rinds on your teeth for a brighter smile.

Apples, Celery and Carrots

These natural foods are crunchy and are a well known method on how to get white teeth naturally. Their crunchy nature helps them to act as stain removers by increasing saliva in the mouth. This acts as an in-built cleansing agent. They also contain vitamin C which is important in killing bad breath causing bacteria.

How to Safely Whiten Teeth Naturally without Damaging Enamel

Is teeth whitening safe? A common concern in people opting for teeth whitening procedures and products normally is the safety of it all. It doesn’t help if you will have perfectly white teeth but which are too sensitive. To avoid this, use your natural remedies in the right concentrations. Also only make use of them for the recommended amount of time over the specified duration.

Some of the products may irritate the gum or be harmful if swallowed. Ensure it does not get to this by following instructions. If you can, watch some You Tube videos on how to whiten teeth naturally to avoid causing any harm.

Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth

While home remedies for whitening teeth do work, they need to be used for a while and consistently for there to be a visible change. These also need to be used with care, in the right amounts and as directed to avoid further damage to your teeth. Discussed below are some effective home remedies for whiter teeth.

Activated Charcoal for Extremely White Teeth

Activated charcoal is a substance that is highly absorbent. It is used in getting rid of toxins on different surfaces. Although it does not get absorbed in the body, toxins tend to adhere to it and thus get easily expelled from body organs. Follow these steps on how to get white teeth naturally using activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening during and after
Teeth whitening using activated charcoal
  1. Add some water into powdered charcoal to make a thick paste.
  2. Dip a wet toothbrush into this and lean over a disposable container as opposed to a sink to brush your teeth. This will help protect your skin.
  3. Using gentle tiny circles, brush your teeth for around two minutes.
  4. Spit the contents of your mouth carefully and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Hydrogen Peroxide White Teeth Home Remedy

Peroxide is used in most teeth whitening products. It works by forming bubbles that help to lift stains away from the enamel. This helps it be an effective bleaching agent. It however is known to cause irritation to open sores in the mouth. This though is not harmful but in case it is unbearable, quit the treatment.

This home remedy for whiter teeth works depending on the concentration and the higher the better. The duration of exposure, frequency and consistency have a great role to play. This remedy though has the disadvantage of causing temporary teeth sensitivity in case its molecules are trapped in the nerves.

Home Remedy to Whiten Teeth Fast

In case you are looking for a home remedy to use at home while achieving quick results, you may opt for commercial products designed to add some spark to your smile. These remedies will help you get the desired brightness on your teeth at home fast.

Whitening Pens for Quick White Teeth at Home

These are a great home option as well. The teeth whitening pens will cost between $20 and $30. They are readily available in drugstores. It is expected that the pens will yield visible change between two and four weeks. Learn how to get white teeth using this home remedy below.

  1. Get the pen and open it up to let out the whitening gel.
  2. Clench your teeth and have your lips assume a smile position for ease of the process.
  3. While standing in front of a mirror, use the tip of the pen apply the gel on your teeth.
  4. Leave your mouth open for half a minute to give the gel time to work in.
  5. Avoid drinking or eating for 45 minutes and repeat procedure up to three times each day.

How to Get White Teeth Fast at Home Using Whitening Strips

These home remedies for whiter teeth are available in drugstores and supermarkets as well. The strips contain peroxide gel to help whiten teeth when they are made to adhere to the teeth. They come in pairs each one meant for each gum.

Whitening strips are easy to use and also bear the advantage of being less clumsy. All that is required for you is to attach them on your teeth as directed and for the duration required. When the manufacturer instructions are followed, expect results can be seen fast enough.

How to Whiten Teeth with Braces

In case you wish to whiten your teeth with braces on, it will take you some efforts. However, with the right products and procedures, you can do it without interfering with the straightening process. It is important to know how to whiten teeth with braces on correctly.

It takes some caution to avoid spoiling them while at the same time keeping your teeth safe. According to, at home bleaching of teeth should only be done using whitening gel in trays. These ensure that the brackets are not dislodged when well fitted.

Attain white teeth with braces on
White teeth with braces on
  • Whitening toothpastes are also a suitable home remedy for whiter teeth as they contain some additional elements for teeth whitening. These bleaching chemicals provide extra polishing and brightening of the teeth. Since these do not involve any special procedures, they are safe for use by people in braces.
  • Knowing how to whiten teeth with braces on using home remedies for whiter teeth and natural products isn’t impossible, but special caution should be taken to avoid damaging the braces in the process.

Teeth Whitening Tips at Home

While taking the efforts and attaining results is fulfilling, it is best to adopt practices that will ensure that your teeth retain their natural color. This will help prevent repetitive procedures which could end up weakening your teeth. Below are some tips for natural teeth whitening at home.

  • Always use a straw when taking discoloring beverages. This will allow the fluid to bypass teeth.
  • Avoid highly acidic foods for better looking teeth.
  • In case you are using peroxide whitening gels, store them in the refrigerator to increase their shelf life.
  • Limit the use of harsh at home whitening pastes to three times at most as excess use can irritate your gums.
  • In case of any adverse effects while using home remedies to get white teeth, see your dentist immediately.
  • To get the best out of the process when using products, ask for referrals and also compare teeth bleaching cost of products for the best bargain.

How to Get Instant White Teeth and Whiten Teeth Fast Overnight

At times, events catch up with us in which we would love to have that bright smell. While learning how to with Photoshop may be a go to option, it does not bring out the real you. Instead of going through that trouble, you can opt for teeth whitening products that will work quickly and which can give you instant whiter teeth in a day.

Depending on the concentration of the active ingredient, whitening gels can work in a few days. Where you are thinking of getting your teeth whiter overnight, natural and home remedies may not work that fast. Your best bet would be going to a cosmetic dentist so you can have your teeth cleaned.

In case you are looking for professional ways on how to get instant white teeth, you can opt for dental cleansing or go for laser whitening. This way you will end up with instant results. However, the cost for this will be higher than if it was done at home. Your dentist will be in a position to advise you on the best way to getting your desired results.

White Teeth Tips in Hindi

In case you are in India and other Hindi speaking languages and are wondering how to get white teeth naturally and what home remedies for whiter teeth products to use, we have you covered. Watch the video below for white teeth tips in Hindi. These are all natural and readily available kitchen ingredients that are very easy to use.

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