Testosterone Injections Cost, Dosage and Side Effects

Testosterone injections can really help when it comes to testosterone deficiency in both men and women. The right dosage can restore a man’s muscle mass, sperm count, libido and do away with many other symptoms of low T. Here’s the cost, dosage of testosterone cypionate injections and possible side effects.

Testosterone can best be defined as a sex hormone (naturally occurring) produced by the man’s testes. In women, the adrenal system and the ovaries are known to produce small amounts of this hormone. The testosterone injection is often used in men as well as in boys in treating the conditions that are caused by a lack of the hormone in the body, which include hormonal imbalances, delayed puberty, as well as impotence. Testosterone injections cost and side effects

The testosterone injection can also be used in women. It is normally used to treat breast cancer that has started spreading to the other parts of the woman’s body. It is important to understand that this hormone cannot be used in enhancing athletic performance, and as such, one should not consider using the testosterone injection for this particular purpose.

Who can use the testosterone injection?

Pregnant women are advised not to use this hormone. Additionally, any woman planning on becoming pregnant is advised not to make use of it. Men with prostate cancer should not receive the injection. Apart from prostate cancer, people with conditions such as kidney disease, severe liver problems, serious heart conditions, as well as male breast cancer should not consider using this hormone.

Before using this injection, there is a need to understand that misusing the testosterone hormone could result in dangerous as well as irreversible side effects. Make sure that you consult a healthcare professional before you can start the injections, as only qualified medical personnel are allowed to offer the injections.

How is the injection administered?

The testosterone injection is administered into the body via the muscles. Normally, the injection should be given after every two to four weeks. As mentioned above, misusing this injection could result in irreversible side effects such as small testicles, high blood pressure, infertility, enlarged breasts, liver disease, stroke, addiction, bone growth problems , as well as mental effects that include violence and aggression.

Often, the length of treatment will normally depend on the condition that is being treated. You should note that using this treatment therapy will in no way help in enhancing your athletic performance. As you receive the treatment therapy, it will be important to make sure that you receive blood tests on a frequent basis.

Cost of testosterone injections

The cost of testosterone injections often varies depending on whether the patient is insured, or whether they are paying cash. Insured patients are often required to follow very strict guidelines before the insurance companies can agree to reimburse the money that has been used in the replacement therapy.

Traditionally, the best testosterone delivery method is determined by the physician treating you. But, in some cases, you will find that testosterone gel packets tend to be more convenient as compared to the injections. In addition, spreading out the testosterone dosage to allow for a slow rate can result in you having lower estrogen levels as compared to being injected with higher weekly doses.

Even though the prices will normally vary depending on your locality, you should expect to pay about three hundred dollars a month. For this amount, you will be provided with thirty days’ supply of fifty milligram gel packets. You may notice that the twenty-five milligrams gel packets are cheaper, but this is only by a margin of between ten and fifteen dollars.

When using gels, there may be a risk of unintentionally transmitting the hormones to children, or other people that may come into contact with you. It is important to realize that testosterone patches could result in significant patches in the area where they have been applied, and in some cases, they may fail to stick properly, more so during the warm summer months.

Past users have come to note that patches and gels could require regular dosage requirements so as to obtain the appropriate blood concentrations. In some cases, there are patients who are unable to absorb enough testosterone from the patches or the gels to improve the symptoms that they are experiencing.

For those that prefer the injection method, they will find that testosterone Cypionate is one of the most popular serums used in this particular method. Additionally, it is considered to be cheaper than the patches and the gels discussed above. The injections normally costs between forty and sixty dollars for a ten milliliter bottle.

Apart from the medication, you also need to receive blood tests, which cost around a hundred and fifty dollars per test. Blood work aside, you will at some point also need to receive an estrogen test, which will cost you two hundred and eighty dollars for each test conducted. As a patient, you need to keep in mind that many physicians will want to carry out these tests at least twice a month when starting out, and once every six months after the T levels have started to stabilize.

Cost summary

  1. Syringes-$4
  2. General blood tests-$60
  3. Testosterone Cypionate-$60
  4. Estrogen test-$280
  5. Testosterone test-$150
  6. Doctors visit and follow up visits-$120

Total cost: $674

Testosterone injections and sperm count

According to a study conducted by WHO (World Health Organization), receiving weekly testosterone injections can reduce the sperm count of all men, to below the threshold that is required for conception to occur. Even though testosterone supplements have for many years been touted as being a cure for low libido , they have seen may who take them on a regular basis reduce their chances of being able to father children.

Results from a recent study conducted in two U.S clinics show that men who sought help for infertility treatment were seen to have used prescription T supplements at some point in their lives. In almost all cases, the men reported an increase in their sperm count once they stopped using the supplements.

However, researchers have not been able to pinpoint whether the supplements—which continue to gain popularity with each passing day have contributed to the many cases of infertility that are being reported all over the country. Additionally, it is not clear whether this hormone is the major contributor to infertility.

According to Dr. Kolettis, a urology professor at the University of Alabama, the use of the T supplements is rapidly rising across the United States, and there is a possibility that usage will continue to increase, as many men see the supplements as the best cure for a low sex drive, as well as curing fatigue.

It is important to note that using testosterone could lead to serious side effects such as blood clots and male breast growth. Adding testosterone supplements to your body often spurs certain processes, which can impede the production of sperm in your body. If you are a man who is struggling with infertility related problems, it will be important to make sure that you do not use the testosterone supplements.

How long does it take for testosterone injections to work?

Before starting testosterone therapy, you need to understand that this is not a quick fix that can reverse or end the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels overnight. However, this does not mean that you will need to wait for months before you can start noticing positive results in your life.

The length of time taken for the injection to work often depends on how each person’s body responds to the supplement once it is introduced into their body. There are men who will often experience results at a much faster pace, while there are other men that will find that it takes a bit longer for them to notice any changes.

In addition, the length of time taken for this injection to work will also depend on the steps that have been taken to assist the supplementation process, through introduction of subtle lifestyle changes. For instance, eating well, getting proper sleep, as well as ensuring that you exercise on a regular basis will all assist in ensuring that the testosterone treatment is effective.

Past studies have shown that men concerned about the length of time it will take for this injection to work often anticipate tangible results that can be seen by the naked eye such as increased energy levels, reduction of joint pains and stiffness, muscle growth, as well as improved libido levels.

However, there is a need for one to understand that the initial results cannot be seen, even though they are the most important as this is when the body is achieving balance, as the testosterone levels are becoming normalized in the body. This is something that can happen within a few days after the first injection.

In most cases, the man should start noticing significant changes in their body within four to six weeks after they have started the treatment therapy. But, there are changes that could be felt and seen much earlier.

What you can expect after receiving testosterone injections for twelve months

After receiving treatment for low T levels for one year, you can expect the following results from the testosterone injections:

  1. Enhanced glycemic control
  2. Peak effects of red blood cells formation
  3. Better sex
  4. Stronger bones
  5. Stabilized muscle strength
  6. Brighter outlook and happier moods
  7. Sharper brain functions
  8. Deeper sleep
  9. Reduced body fat
  10. Increased exercise capacity
  11. Improved appearance
  12. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol


Always get professional help before starting any dose of testosterone supplements or injections. Check this site for hormone replacement therapy assistance if you intend to start the HRT journey. It is recommended that the following doses be followed when it comes to using testosterone injections:

  1. Testosterone Enanthate—supplied in 200mg/ml in five ml multi-dose vials—they have a half-life of seven days—you should only use 50mg two times a week for each injection
  2. Testosterone Cypionate—supplied in 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml in ten ml multi-dose vials—they also have a half-life of seven days—you should only use 50mg/ml two times each week for each injection

Testosterone injections FTM

For trans men that have been born into typical female bodies i.e. bodies that come with functional ovaries, the main aim of taking testosterone therapy is to assist in inducing and maintaining the presence of their masculine secondary sex related characteristics. In FTM therapy, the testosterone hormone can often be administered using different methods, with the most popular method being the use of intramuscular injections.

Additional delivery methods are creams, patches, gels, as well as oral pills. Normally, the delivery method is dependent on the kind of medication that is available in that country, as well as the benefits and risks that the patient may experience. The body does not store the testosterone hormone for future use, and as such, there is a need to make sure that this hormone is administered in timed intervals, which may range from once a week, to once every three weeks.

Changes that can be brought about by T therapy

As time goes by, the continued administration of this hormone is likely to result in the development of secondary masculine sexual characteristics, in addition to the cessation of the monthly periods. As a result of undergoing the T therapy, you can expect the following masculine characteristics to start manifesting themselves. However, you should note that these effects could take weeks, or even months for them to become noticeable, and will continue developing over the coming years.

  1. Clitoral enlargement
  2. Vocal cord thickening, as well as the deepening of the voce
  3. Enhanced growth of body hair especially in the legs, chest, belly, back and arms
  4. Cessation of the monthly periods
  5. Increase in red blood cell levels
  6. Increased sex drive
  7. The skin could become rougher

How fast will the changes take place?

The rate at which the changes occur often depend on a number of variables, that include the dosage, the intervals at which the hormones are administered, the delivery method that has been chosen, as well as the person’s body sensitiveness. What this means is that not all people will experience similar results from the T therapy, even when the same dosage is administered.

Normally, the results will be influenced by the individual’s genetic makeup. There are men who cannot grow thick body and facial hair, while there are others that have pattern baldness. In addition, you will find that there are those that have deep voices.

Changes associated with the T therapy are cumulative, and this means that they will build over time. Generally, between the initial six to twelve months of this treatment, many trans men will start noticing the culmination of physical changes, and this implies that they will start to be noticed as men when they are walking on the streets.

What happens if you stop taking T treatment? Are there permanent changes?

You could choose to stop taking the T therapy treatment at any time, either for personal or health reasons. If you do, you should realize that some of the effects associated with T treatment are permanent, while others are reversible. Please note that starting and then stopping hormonal therapy will most likely have a major effect on the body, as it will be forced to adopt to the changing circumstances. You must therefore consider all important health considerations before you can start or end T therapy treatment.


Your voice will stay at the pitch level it had reached before you decided to stop the therapy treatment.

Body/facial hair

All the hair that had come to your body or face at the time of stopping the therapy will continue to grow. However, there is a likelihood that you will not notice the appearance of large quantities of new hair. If you had developed a patchy beard, there is a chance that it will remain in the same patchy state once you quit the therapy.

You will be able to shave the beard, and it will with time grow back. But, the beard could change slightly in terms of growth rate as well as texture. This will depend on whether your ovaries are active and still producing estrogen—however, your beard will not disappear. To permanently remove the hair, you may need to undergo electrolysis.

Fat/muscle changes

The body will start reverting back to the female patterns. However, this only occurs when the ovaries are still present in the body, and when they are active. In case the individual does not have a large percentage of body fat, the return to female body patterns will not be as dramatic.

What size of needle to use for testosterone cypionate injections?

When it comes to needle size, it is important to ensure that you use a small needle for maximum comfort. You should consider using a 31 gauge, 5/16 inches, 3/10 milliliter insulin needles. Use the needles subcutaneously in your outer/upper thigh quadrant. For subsequent injections, you will need to rotate the legs, as well as the areas being injected.

For you to ensure that you maintain a proper dosage, given the small syringe size, you may need to maintain a three times per week injection schedule (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) or two smaller injections after every three days as outlined above.

the 3/10 ml syringe size is recommended as it assists in helping draw out the available oil. With time, you will notice that the smaller your syringe size, the greater the amount of internal pressure exerted. This will help you notice a big difference in drawing capacity when you compare it to the 1ml syringe.

Often, it will take you about one minute to draw, and thus, there is a need for you to exercise patience. You will not need to warm the oil, though choosing to warm it can assist in speeding up the whole process. Medical experts recommend using the smaller needle, as it also makes sure that you get to avoid long term scarring associated with the buildup of scar tissues, especially when this treatment is expected to last for several years.

Side effects of testosterone injections

According to Mayo Clinic, the most common side effects of this type of hormonal therapy often occur on the skin surface, where topical forms of this drug e.g. solutions, patches, and gels are utilized. The side effects include the following:

  1. Red and inflamed/irritated skin
  2. Severe itching
  3. Fluid-filled blisters

In case the following symptoms occur after overdosing on testosterone, it is recommended that you contact your physician immediately. They include:

  1. Slurred speech
  2. Seizures
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Temporary blindness
  5. Headaches
  6. Inability to speak
  7. Severe and sudden weakness in your arm or legs

All these are symptoms associated with overdosing on testosterone, and as such, there is a need to make sure that you seek medical help as soon as possible.

Minor side effects

There are certain side effects associated with this therapy that will not necessitate seeking immediate medical help. As the body becomes accustomed to this treatment therapy, the side effects will start to disappear on their own. In most cases, your physician will be in a position to prevent or reduce the effects that they have on your body. However, there is a need to check in with your healthcare provider in case the side effects continue, or if you become concerned with their presence. They include:

  1. Mouth or gum irritation
  2. Breast pain
  3. Crying
  4. Coughs
  5. Depersonalization
  6. Mouth ulcers
  7. Noisy breathing
  8. Passing of gas
  9. Diarrhea
  10. Paranoia
  11. Loss of pleasure or interest
  12. Slow or fast heartbeats
  13. Swelling of your gums
  14. Rapidly changing mood patterns
  15. Enlarged breasts

Before you can start testosterone hormone treatment, you should inform your doctor about all the medications that you may be taking at that particular moment. Mention all the prescription and non-prescription, as well as over the counter medications, including recreational and illegal drugs, dietary and nutritional supplements as well as herbal remedies.

It will also be important to ensure that you follow the instructions provided by your physician carefully. The testosterone solutions and gels should only be applied once each day (in the morning). Ensure that you do not apply the medication on sensitive areas of your body such as the scrotum, penis, or on open wounds such as cuts, or areas where the skin has become irritated.


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